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about me. you want to hear my story. you want to hea what ive been up to for the last few years. so you can think like me. act like me. make profiles that might be mine. and have ideas that are good but they just dont quit make it thier. no good villians. or chaacters that are to lame or unbalanced becouse thier over. powered.
you want to know about me. you already know about me. youve been following me day in day out. moveing into my neighbor hood and scooping out my home. comeing iin when you think your not noticed. trying to convince me you got some sort of power over me so im easier to control.
at like your my friend just so you can steel the dreams of those who dare stray out into the darkened coled of the night. captued in the imagination of the stars. only to wonder back into a place they thought warm. but wa simply heated by the ever furnased embars of a deep seeded contemp. cast on the like the ocular point of a magnifying glass.
you want to know about me about the pain ive suffered and endured at the hands of those who where once thoought to hold out thier hand in comforting embrase but to only be truely percieved as a sword once close enough.
becouse i tell you. the modest artist of a man who is jmar tarafa once held breath in a place like this. for a life of normality was not ment fo the likes ofm. hated by my friends for my intelligence. and charm. comedic knowledge musical knowledge writing ability. scientific knowhow. dawing skill video game skill. and ability to kick ass with my bare hand. and unlike most when i say that i asure you: im not lying.
but all in all what can i say life is short and thie are those of us who whe4e ment to creat and those of use who where ment to lament. and those of use who simply see others missery as a profet for themselves. and cause others to suffer especially so they can get the information they want out of you.
but if thiers anything ive kept in these harsh times is that modesty and humility are the best pen a paper of anykind.

I have been steadily working on my novel for the last few months just doing and update and getting in a few things so I can keep a few things in order.

I have submitted the pre registrations to copyrights on two of my ideas. One is Thead: How Dogs Die, and the other is of course The Omega Zero: Dawn of midnight.

It is not easy getting these two ideas together and I may be looking for others to help me organize and illustrate How Dogs Die.

For anyone interested please submit a comment or something's for the idea is as follows.

It in the Omega Zero Universe, a bridge universe if you will. After a war that's lasted a few hundred years between the two most powerful forces ever to walk the earth. the Cyborgs and the Psychics, the two polar ends of an advancement in genetic and bio mechanical technology.  An erah of piece has finally been set as the world now begins to try and recover from the devastation. A piece that is more corrupt than anything the world has ever seen. their is little crime that goes punished now. as forces left over from the war must now make piece for the greater good. even if the greater good is the greatest evil of them all.

Enter Artecka Scottdale, a young agent who was born during the end of the war. a part of a class of psychics  said to be some of the most powerful ever created, she works for an agency that was formed to fight the rebel forces that hide out in the world, and have ties to the major crime syndicates that run the underworlds of crime.

Her and her old time partner Blod Hond, are sent on a mission to a small city that has for unknown reasons gone of the grid, cut off from communication to the rest of the world. On this mission she discovers that the dead both organic and cyborg now roam the streets as super zombies. creatures so powerful that even top of the line cyborgs and military grade psychics cannot withstand their onslaught. The y must team up with war criminals and mobsters in order too survive. And find the true nature of the being known as the un-god Thead, who uses and energy that is not of this world or of the universe as it seems to transcend all technology pit against it.( and this is a big deal because technology as I will show in drawings to come has reached a level that far surpasses anything anyone would have conceived.)

The story is sup post to touch on a lot of controversial scientific issues. Ones that we face as the technology of the our real world is becoming so advanced. like if you had the choice world, how would you  choose to live forever, and the consequences of such things and how they effect society. 

I've already started don the script for the graphic novel. I.E. my preregistration of the idea. And am sure that this concept, and story will be a major contribution to science fiction. as well as plausible scientific theory.

My demographic is mature teens and young adults. as always with most of my work. it is dark gritty, lots of blood and controversy, bad people doing bad things, with some other more interesting ideas like psychic cyborg crossbreeds otherwise classed as mutants. reverse cyborgs able to biologically reproduce and things of that nature.

I know you guys( and you know who you are,) the dudes who go around stealing people journal ideas and turning them into major productions without peoples permission, will want to get your hands on it so I've pre registered this idea with the copyright office. so hands off. lol  but if your willing to help me out or want a credit In one of the greates science fiction ideas of the century,( and I know its going to be a hit because well most of the ideas I come up with are told to me bye college educated folk to be very impressive.) then comment on this journal, give me some info and we will see what happens.

Thank you.

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UnThai Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Good Afternoon,

I want you to become apart of an event I'm hosting for the literary community of DA. It's pretty large and we need as many deviants to participate as possible.

We're hosting a contest/event for their deviations of writing deviants to receive commentary, critique's, and feedback. And during the month of late August, there will be grand prizes.

I was wondering if you would like to join? We're more than happy to have you! I do hope you accept my personal invitation.

Here's the reason why...

I'm creating this very large event because I’m sick of so many deviations of wonderful literature barely getting the attention they deserve. In fact, there's really only two ways this tends to happen. It’s either solicited by Spam or added to a Group—who doesn’t even help in the department of honest feedback.

You can’t tell me you’re not fed up. And I’m sure most of you didn’t come to deviant art just to store your writings.

So I came up with a theory, what if they had the opportunity to get the attention they deserve and more? Would they be willing to jump on it?

Of course they would!

Let me ask you this, what personal connection do you have to literature? It's almost as if literature is the air you breathe, no?

As I've stated again and again, I have a goal to bring the Literature Community of Deviant Art back to life. I’m sure I’m not alone and I’m also 100% positive this isn’t the first time you’ve seen this type hope become crushed.

And I’m sure you’re asking, “Alright, how many times do they have to submit something to a group and still see no progress in feedback? How many times do they have to join these events and it’s never legit enough? What makes Your Group so different?”

We’re here to help… That’s the difference…

This isn't about Popularity... It's all about Literature & Commentary...

WE all know the literature of deviant art is slowly decaying and it's time we strive to do better in the community.

I just need you to join.

Thank you for taking your time out to read. If you're interested in participating, here's the [link]. I look forward to having you.

:jsenn: Un Thai

peasantb Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is the best page I've ever read on Deviantart.
Thedeadcontinent Dec 18, 2012  Professional Writer
thanks. appreciate it.
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