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about me. you want to hear my story. you want to hea what ive been up to for the last few years. so you can think like me. act like me. make profiles that might be mine. and have ideas that are good but they just dont quit make it thier. no good villians. or chaacters that are to lame or unbalanced becouse thier over. powered.
you want to know about me. you already know about me. youve been following me day in day out. moveing into my neighbor hood and scooping out my home. comeing iin when you think your not noticed. trying to convince me you got some sort of power over me so im easier to control.
at like your my friend just so you can steel the dreams of those who dare stray out into the darkened coled of the night. captued in the imagination of the stars. only to wonder back into a place they thought warm. but wa simply heated by the ever furnased embars of a deep seeded contemp. cast on the like the ocular point of a magnifying glass.
you want to know about me about the pain ive suffered and endured at the hands of those who where once thoought to hold out thier hand in comforting embrase but to only be truely percieved as a sword once close enough.
becouse i tell you. the modest artist of a man who is jmar tarafa once held breath in a place like this. for a life of normality was not ment fo the likes ofm. hated by my friends for my intelligence. and charm. comedic knowledge musical knowledge writing ability. scientific knowhow. dawing skill video game skill. and ability to kick ass with my bare hand. and unlike most when i say that i asure you: im not lying.
but all in all what can i say life is short and thie are those of us who whe4e ment to creat and those of use who where ment to lament. and those of use who simply see others missery as a profet for themselves. and cause others to suffer especially so they can get the information they want out of you.
but if thiers anything ive kept in these harsh times is that modesty and humility are the best pen a paper of anykind.
Ok to everyone not involved. I appauligize, but to everyone actualy involved I don't.
It has been conformed bye recent events in this town. That someone has indeed been hacking accounts. Stealing my family identitys breaking into our home and just in general terrorizing everyone in my immediate family. It has been going on for some time but not without my notice and immediate deduction of the entire situation. So in light of this cercumstance and now legal situation I may get involved in. Im going to ask that deviant art bear with me and that I may also need your help in that I am not simply a lost cause of an artist or creator. Now it seems alot of my claims are going to be more factually baesed as my outragous rants about a crime takeing place in my home and no one else realizing what was actually transpireing.
It seem as though a woman. A con artist was biligerently and ignorantly let into our life with irresponsible intention and has now committed the act of identity theft against my little sister. and charged her with a federal crime after kicking her out of her home.
Ima say this out right so everyone knows why i complain on my face book and deleted all my friends for thier protection. saw it comeing.
So now if you have been involed in the theft of any concepts or ideas or cameras or passwords. or drawing or samples of voice or signitures. I tell you now the FBI has been informed.
You know those one guys who arent actually crazy and have good reason to be becouse psycic ability and the super natural my actually to some degree exist. yeah im that guy.
So with absolute knowlege that im am now and always was correct. I will say this. Back off of my characters. And my ideas. becouse this profile is now evidence.
Just saying itle be bad for you to get involved and i know it may seem like a fun game and all but its over. You Lost.
So to give you fare warning this is an organized act of terror and racism against my family. and if your someone who got involved on a whim or threw ignorance all i can say is you should have been smarter.

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Thedeadcontinent Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Professional Writer
concept wise my stuff is pretty good. spelling and grammar wise, not so good. But as I have heard, some of the best creative minds out there, have had their problems to over come.  Keep at it, and it will eventually make sense.
peasantb Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
This is the best page I've ever read on Deviantart.
Thedeadcontinent Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Professional Writer
thanks. appreciate it.
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